Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wall Decals for a unique decoration

Wall Decals offer a unique, trendy way to decorate and provide a quick, simple, and inexpensive alternative to painting.

  •  Item includes re-usable and re positionable wall decals to create the images shown below. 
  • Dimensions listed above represent the size of the decal sheet. 
  •  Ideal surfaces for decals are dry, clean and smooth surfaces including: painted drywall, glass, metal, sanded wood and non-textured wallpaper.
  •  Decals are not recommended to be used on overly textured surfaces such as unpainted drywall, brick, cinder block, textured wallpaper or paneling.
  •  Wall decals are best suited for temperature controlled environments. 
  • Decals that include multiple pieces and require assembly on the wall will include detailed application instructions.
  •  Re-usable and re positionable wall decals. Installs and removes in seconds.

  Tulips and Butterflies Purple Pink



  1. those tulips on the wall are just delightful.

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  3. Cute idea that will NOT leave a scar on the walls! Yay!!

  4. Wonderful way to decorate the walls!!! Thanks for sharing