Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Wall Decals and Decor

This wall decal will add a unique and affordable do-it-yourself design impact to any space. Wall decals are removable and repositionable self-adhesive stickers made of a vinyl-like material. A quick and simple alternative to painting, wall decals stick around best on surfaces that are dry, clean, and smooth.

 Build a Skeleton
Build a Skeleton

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Design your own skeleton with this repositionable wall sticker set. Because RoomMates are completely removable and repositionable, you can make this glow in the dark skeleton pose in several ways, and change things around as often as you'd like. Great for classrooms, too! When Halloween is over, just re-apply the skeleton onto its liner sheet and store it away for use in the following year... and many years to come!

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween

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Jack O' Lantern Lit Up at Night, Vermont, New England, USA
Jack O' Lantern...
Panoramic Images...
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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Super Scoops to Organize a room

Gallon Milk Jugs to organize the "Little things".  Add PIZZAZZ to any room! 

These decoupaged milk jugs are great for transporting toys, dumping them on the ground, and scooping them up again when playtime is done.
  • Make a waterproof version by cutting drainage holes in the bottom and decorating the jug with permanent markers; it's perfect for skimming toys from the bathtub.
  •   Place on a shelf in the Kitchen for Small Gadgets or in the bathroom for Lotions, makeup, hair care products or rolled up wash clothes.
  •   Craft knife (parents only) or scissors 
  • Gallon jug 
  • Colored tissue paper 
  • 2 1/2-inch-wide can 
  • Pencil Glue stick 
  • Paintbrush 
  • Mod Podge
    • Instructions Cut the gallon jug as shown, leaving the handle section intact. To create multiple tissue-paper circles quickly, stack and fold the paper into several layers. Use the can to trace a circle onto the paper, then cut out the stack of circles. Adhere the tissue-paper circles to the jug with a glue stick. Brush Mod Podge on top of the circles to seal them.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Adorable Personalized Door Hangers

Personalized ceramic ornament as a doorhanger for your child's bedroom is a great way to personalize your child's "space".

Add your favorite photos, images and personal message to both sides of this ornament. A strand of gold thread makes it easy to display this fantastic keepsake. Your child will love having their name on their "personal space".
   Funny Monkey Personalized Door Hanger
Funny Monkey Personalized Door Hanger  Personalized Door Hanger 2-sided  Personalized Cheerleader Uniform Ornament Baby Penguin Door Hanger Ornament 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wall Decals for a unique decoration

Wall Decals offer a unique, trendy way to decorate and provide a quick, simple, and inexpensive alternative to painting.

  •  Item includes re-usable and re positionable wall decals to create the images shown below. 
  • Dimensions listed above represent the size of the decal sheet. 
  •  Ideal surfaces for decals are dry, clean and smooth surfaces including: painted drywall, glass, metal, sanded wood and non-textured wallpaper.
  •  Decals are not recommended to be used on overly textured surfaces such as unpainted drywall, brick, cinder block, textured wallpaper or paneling.
  •  Wall decals are best suited for temperature controlled environments. 
  • Decals that include multiple pieces and require assembly on the wall will include detailed application instructions.
  •  Re-usable and re positionable wall decals. Installs and removes in seconds.

  Tulips and Butterflies Purple Pink